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Seek a Practice with Purpose

As we are coming to a close in 2019, now is a wonderful time for us to reflect on what it is we are doing in our every day lives that either has a strong purpose or something we would like to now be purpose driven. Let’s talk about structuring new growth! 

First, let us sit with a couple of questions to ask ourselves. What am I practicing right now to get better at? Have I created a time and space dedicated for the practice itself? Am I documenting my improvements to give myself the proper praise to keep going? 

Let us think of just one practice we would like to get better at, right now. This could be growing closer to God, daily. This could be gaining core strength. This could be practicing gratitude and being grateful for what we already have. So, let’s focus on just one.

This list of ideas can help you structure growth to make your practice driven by purpose, so find your journal...

1. Write it down. 

Keep a journal near by, or a sticky note with that practice or goal. Writing your idea or plan down actually increases the likelihood of it coming to life. Journals are for men, too.

2. Record also, WHY it is important to you.

Think hard on this one, ponder why you want to improve this certain practice, skill, goal, etc. When you are feeling unmotivated come back to your reason why.

3. Think and list ways it will improve your every day life.

This is closely related to your why, but still vastly different. After you have your reason why you want to improve, list the things you imagine getting better as a result of gaining this new skill, practice, goal. Imagining your life improved, is such a beautiful and positive thought for the mind to sit with. Enjoy this moment and positive thinking.

4. Pick a dedicated time and place.

Choose a spot to get quiet, away from worldly distraction, or even a place where others have this same goal in mind. Get personal with whoever it is you are focusing on, God, your trainer, or yourself.

5. Write down your experience.

Now that you have spent time growing, think about and even write down what you have learned through this experience. Did you improve your squat form today? Did God speak to you through His Word that either convicted you or applies greatly to improving? Did you find that you fall short and now have a solution to becoming more obedient? Maybe today's practice increasing mobility brought to light that your right shoulder is far more tight and lacking ROM than the left. We now have direction for our next time working on mobility. 

6. Plan your next time and place.

When and where will you be practicing again? With who? Did you let them know you will see them again, for accountability? Making plans is a great tool to remembering, and executing.

Tell us your next practice that will now be purpose driven in a comment below or message me here, today, for accountability.