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My Testimony

Hey y’all! Wow has it been awhile since I have posted on my blog. Things are about to change in the best way!

Physical exercise is my passion, exercising my faith with the Lord through my job is my purpose.

Jesus has been putting it on my heart to focus this page on Him and His glory in hopes that you too will join in on all of the love we are starting here.

I first want to say THANK YOU for subscribing, or maybe this is your first time here on my page and reading further. This page is all about health, fitness and now most importantly how good the Lord is through it all.

Next, if you’ve trusted in Christ as your Lord and savior you know there was a journey to get there. I want to share with y’all how Jesus worked in my heart and when I professed my faith and asked for forgiveness of my sins and worldly walk on earth. Here we go!

(I wrote this coming to Jesus testimony in 2018 before my baptism)

*play this song as you read*

My name is Maddison Streff and I have been attending Lakeside for a couple of months now. I was raised in Clive, Iowa and baptized as an infant and continued with a Catholic Church through confirmation. After I was confirmed I didn’t take any initiative to go to church or have it be a part of my life through high school. A year after graduating high school I moved to North Carolina to follow a boyfriend and his racing dreams. It became all I knew to live and serve another human. I had a constant feeling of emptiness, so I turned to exercise and prayer to fill a void. I didn’t know whether God was listening or not but I prayed frequently for answers and direction. At this time last year my grandma was diagnosed with Cancer so I came home a couple times a month and every time I came home I felt a pull to just stay. I eventually moved home after 3 years in North Carolina. Shortly after moving home I graduated college started Personal Training at Sands Chiropractic in Polk City, Iowa. My very first client was Gary Presnall and I remember specifically the moment it was just him and I and he was finishing one of my grueling workouts when he asked me what church I attend. I told him I was raised Catholic at St. Francis but I have my own personal relationship with God, and I pray every night. That's when Gary asked me the most important question, “but how is your relationship with Jesus?” At that moment I realized all of my choices and changes that year were for a bigger purpose. On October 2nd of 2017 Gary and Sharron Presnall invited me to their house and they shared the Gospel with me for the first time. I realized that I was a sinner and needed to confess my sins and put my faith in what Jesus did for me in order to be put on the path to heaven. Big life changes have already taken place with Christ in my heart. The emptiness I had been feeling wasn’t because I wasn’t enough, it was because Jesus wanted me. I used to seek acceptance through people and my works but I know I’m not perfect, none of us are, and He died for our imperfections.

(Fast forward to today, November 13th, 2019)

Our personal testimonies don’t end, it is a lifelong journey of learning and growing deeper in the relationship with the Lord so today I have more to add to my story.

My testimony and story continues daily, because we face worldly temptations, & it has helped me turn to the Word (Bible) of God for instructions of how He has the good plans for me. Job changes and growth, worldly dating relationships, struggles with family, ALL have happened and I will continue to face some of these as we don’t live in a perfect world. With the Word of God I will continue to overcome and grow (Romans 8:28.) With struggles and changes the Lord wants us to turn to Him and he is so good and always triumphant. I am continually loving my job helping others gain physical health and keep moving forward mentally as well. Now I am on a journey HERE, on this page, to show how in ALL ways I can bring that amazing glory to Him who ultimately gave me these skills to help. (Romans 11:36) Oh my he is so good.

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