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Set the alarm for the actual last minute

Instead of setting your alarm 30 minutes prior to the actual time you need to be up and hitting snooze a couple times, set your alarm for the actual last minute you have to get up. Hitting snooze to wake up and falling back asleep actually makes me more drowsy. If I see it's the time I HAVE to get up I am sure to shoot out of bed.

Stretch and open those curtains!

I love that first stretch when I wake up, especially the ones that make you yell out loud. Also letting in the sunlight is a natural way to feel more awake without much effort.

Eat a breakfast you love

THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE. When I wake up I immediately think of my coffee and breakfast. A yummy breakfast and warm coffee makes me excited to wake up. Food makes you happy too right? Plan something yummy!

Make a to-do list; and go over it a few times

Write them down. I am able to accomplish more in a day after I have written them down and it's imbedded in my brain. It helps me to realize and remember the amount of tasks I would actually like to accomplish that day. It's a satisfying feeling crossing them off the list!

Jam out to your favorite music or listen to a funny Radio show

Music gives a good energy and laughing is just fun. Listening to radio shows that makes me laugh actually gets me excited to get in the car and drive to work! Pick things that you get excited about and make it a routine. We form habits when things are repeated, so keep on listening to those feel good vibes!

Make somebody smile

This is as simple as saying "Hello" to the people I run into first thing in the morning. Giving and receiving good vibes boosts my energy and it feels good to make someone else smile. Make it your goal to make someone else smile. It is so rewarding!

Try these and let me know what YOU do in your morning routine.

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